Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Etsy Listing: Handmade Rosary - Autumn Rosary with Red Agate and Copper beads, Vintage Crucifix and Center

Autumn Rosary
contains a mixture of red agate beads ranging in color from fall gold, topaz, to maple leaf red. The beautiful fall colors go splendidly with the copper accessory and spacer beads as well as the vintage copper crucifix and center. The copper crucifix was made from a wax mold using the old techniques and an even older crucifix as a template. The same is true of the rosary center. Both were made in the late 60’s, early 70’s. So they are new “old” stock. 
I believe the crucifix is a St. Benedict crucifix based on the seal surrounding Christ’s head as well as the back (please see close up photos) and is a symbol against evil. The center is Rosa Mystica, or Our Lady of the Mystical Rose. The back reads “Maria Rosa Mistica ruego por nosotros ITALY”, translated as Mary, Mystical Rose, pray for us. History shows that the rose is the favorite flower of Our Lady herself. In her apparition at Guadalupe, she made use of roses as a sign of her presence and even arranged them with her own beautiful hands in the tilma of Juan Diego. At La Sallette she wore a profusion of roses in three garlands and had tiny roses around the rim of her slippers. She brought beautiful roses with her at Lourdes, Pontmain, Pellevoisin, Beauraing and Banneaux. To Sister Josefa Menendez she showed her immaculate heart encircled with little white roses.

Paters: 10mm Red agate handcarved rose beads
Aves: 6mm red agate round beads
Crucifix: Vintage copper, clear enamel St. Benedict crucifix (see front and back)
Center: Vintage copper, clear enamel Rosa Mystica center (see front and back)
Spacer beads (between Aves): 3mm round copper beads
Accesory Beads (surrounding Paters): 2 sets of pure copper beads
Length: approximately 19.5 inches long

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