Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Newest Chaplet and Rosary Bracelet - Rosa Mystica

This chaplet and rosary bracelet were a custom order by a lady who loves Rosa Mystica, as does her mother. The bracelet has a Rosa Mystica medal. One can see the three roses (imagine red, white and yellow) above her praying hands. Above her head it states Rosa Mistica. On the back of the medal is a building/shrine and Maria Madre De La Iglesia, translated from Spanish as Mary Mother of the Church. Please see The bracelet includes a small crucifix. The ten aves and the rose carved Pater are red carnelian  gemstone.

The chaplet is from a picture of the Rosa Mystica chaplet provided by the buyer. It starts with a clear enameled copper crucifix, 3 small beads, and a Rosa Mystica center. The front of the enameled copper center shows Rosa Mystica. On the back of the center it states Maria Rose Mistica ruega por nosostros, translated from Spanish as Mary Mystical Rose pray for us. The back is stamped Italy. The center is followed by 7 small beads and a large carved floral bead repeated 7 times.


  1. Very beautiful, Anna! I added your Our Lady of Grace post to the bottom of my Make Yourself Monday post today. Please feel free to link up with these gorgeous items!!!

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