Thursday, December 1, 2011

St. Nicholas Giveaway

For Catholic Etsy Artists Guild team members only:

Yesterday, I met someone who did me a kindness she knew I could never pay back so I decided to do this. On Dec. 6, I am giving away a rosary, prayer beads, or handmade vintage medal earrings to anyone on this team (Catholic Etsy Artists Guild) who signs up on my blog (add yourself), facebook (you must like me; if you're already do you already have 1 point), here on the discussion group, or the google group. The more you sign up (up to 4 times), the more changes you have to win. Basically anyone on this team can wine one item, either a rosary, prayer beads, or vintage medal earrings - one item of your choice if you win. I will draw on Dec. 6, the Feast of St. Nicholas (my husband, Nikolay's name day) at 8 p.m. by random number generator. To give me some time to check to see if the person who won is actually a team member, I won't announce it until the next day. There are five items to choose from. All I wish is that the winner PIF in any way. PLEASE tell your teamcatholic neighbors too. Just copy and paste. Thank you and God bless you all.

To get four chances to win:
1. Comment to this discussion
2. Comment on the google group
3. Like and comment on my facebook page
4. Follow my blog and comment on
What you need to know: (5 items listed RESERVED)


  1. Nice blog. You are such an inspiration. I love reading your posts on saints, Advent and many other topics. If I am one of the lucky winners, I make Rosaries and Sacrifice beads that I will use as a give away to PIF.
    Annie ~ LoopsbyAnnie ETSY shop ~ CEAG team member.