Friday, July 22, 2011

Two New Projects Today

Russian Orthodox Rosary
I worked on two small craft projects today and finished them. The first was a Russsian Orthodox rosary and the second was a kit to make a "Miraculous Medal" ring.

The Russian Rosary
(A slightly different version of the Byzantine Rosary)
The Eastern rite rosary dates back to the 7th century, when according to tradition, a saint had an apparition recommending this form of prayer. In Russia, the rosary is called "Chotki." It is usually made of wool in which there are 100 knots with an extra know between each ten. At the end is a cross also make of knots.

The Russian Rosary I made has a tiny (11mm) sterling Russian Orthodox cross at the beginning, followed by one sterling bead, a tiny (9mm) sterling center for the Miraculous Medal and 100 vintage crystal beads of a multitude of colors separated each ten by a round sterling silver bead. This is a tiny rosary despite all the beads. It only measures 8" in full length. There's a little space in the wire so that it's easier to keep count. The sterling cross and center are lovely. They both have a front and a back with alot of detail. Unfortunately, the back, which is in Russian, is too small for my DH to read too.

Back of the Cross and Center

Front of the Cross and Center
100 vintage crystal Rosary beads and sterling silver spacers

The Immaculate Ring - Vintage Jewelry Kit

This is a theoretically simple "connection" project using a wonderful ring shank with pierced loops on it. The ring is texturized to give in an antique look and then it is oxidized to bring out the highlights. The kit includes mother of pearl components, including a faceted rondelle with tiny filigree bead caps. There are also two tiny brass cross crosses and two Miraculous Medals (hence my interest), These were aged as well. Antique brass headpins and tiny jump rings are included for the connections. The kit was supplied by Vintage Design Resource, a really fun place to shop on-line.
I had no problems with the kit except that it was difficult to use such tiny jump rings when one has tremors in one's hands. Other than that, it was alot of fun to make and very pretty.

Ring from Vintage Design Resource

My Immaculate Ring

Kit from Vintage Design Resource

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  1. The Russian Orthodox Rosary that I made yesterday is on sale for $3.00 on etsy. It is a PIF item which means that my good deed of selling this to you has to be paid back by your doing a good deed for someone else without asking for anything in return. It is sterling silver with vintage crystal beads.​354504/russian-orthodox-rosary​-with-sterling?ref=tre-3833140​01-3