Saturday, June 11, 2011

Add Etsy Mini to Blogger

Adding your Etsy Mini to your blog will definitely increase traffic to your Etsy shop. It is a lot more effective than just a plain ole' link. There are alot of steps, but you can do it! First you have to decide whether to the mini to the sidebar or to one of the pages on your blog. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the side board.

Here is how to do it:
1. Log in to your Etsy Shop
2. Click on the YOUR ACCOUNT at the top of the Etsy Page. Look on
the left hand side of your page and you will see PROMOTE. Choose Etsy Mini.

3. Then choose how many columns and rows. It is your choice and it will show you a preview. Copy the code (Java script for your personal website and blog). If you are putting the Mini on the sidebar, I recommend 2 columns. It doesn't matter how many rows you choose on the page. Fill it up.

Then log onto your blog and click on Design. Then in the side bar, ADD A GADGET. Choose to add HTML and paste the copied code into the box. Add a title of your choice before saving. You can always go back and adjusting collumns and rows to fit your blog. Or you can adjust your column width in blogger.

Above tool text written by Stacy of Vampire Craftin'.

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