Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Religious Art of Nat Ewert

St. Therese Pendant
I was doing my usual browsing on another sleepless night and I ran across this artist, named Nat Ewert, who does some lovely religious art. So lovely that I've commissioned a painting from her. Shhh....It's a secret until it is complete. Here are some of her paintings and jewelry art with religious themes that I would like to share with you. Her Etsy site for her paintings and prints is called Natamon: The Dishy Thicket. Her Etsy site for her jewelry, including religious jewelry and rosaries, is named Dreamtrappings:  Jewelry Creations of Artist Natalie Ewert. You can find her blog and facebook sites through her etsy sites too. She is a very interesting artist and loves doing religious art. Please read her etsy and facebook profiles to find out more about her. In my blog today, I'd like to include some of the artwork that she has done that made me fall in love with her art. It's unique and lively and lovely, in my opinion, and she's a wonderful person too. I hope you enjoy this showing of her art as much as I do.

Click on the thumbnail images to see a larger image. Click on the caption to take you to the etsy site for that item. My personal favorite is Laughing Saint Therese with Roses. But it seems that she is sold. However, there will be prints of smaller versions of her, but the original went to a good home. :) Thank you and God bless.

Saint Clare Silhouette

Laughing Saint Therese with Roses

Mary's Tears Rosary

St. Francis of Assisi Silhouette

Jesus Is Love Original Iconography Artwork

Children Protection Rosary
The Face of Christ

Sacred Heart Brooch 1

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