Thursday, June 23, 2011

CEAG and 2 New Treasuries

Benerita's from Etsy
Elements of the Earth Sterling Cross Necklace

OK. I had so many "hits" that I made two volumes of one Treasury.

These two treasuries are devoted to all the things that God has made for us in nature: the earth, water, wind, fire, sunshine, rain, etc. The inspiration for this treasury came from Benerita "Elements of the Earth Sterling Cross Necklace". Thank you for the inspiration Benerita. Thank you, Lord.

I did include several entries without teamcatholic b/c they were so cool - plus we might have some people who don't know about us come to find out more about us and/or tell their friends that they are in a treasury. At least I hope so. I couldn't help myself. <goofy grin> CEAG does such beautiful work but these others just fit in perfectly with the theme. :)

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