Monday, June 13, 2011

Prayer Beads

Today I made a new set of prayer beads. As some of you know, my focus is on making rosaries, but I enjoy making prayer beads as well because I love learning about religions in addition to Catholicism. The prayer beads that I chose to make today are Protestant - Anglican Prayer Beads, a form a contemplative prayer. The King of Peace website is a good resource to learn more about this form of prayer. Although in theory, i.e. to keep count of your prayers as you say them, these prayer beads are similar to the Catholic Rosary in the prayers prayed. However, prayer beads typically have a cross, instead of a rosary crucifix, as its focus followed by an Invitatory bead, four cruciform beads, and four groups of seven beads to form the weeks. The prayer beads I made today have a vintage brass cross, a dark wood Invitatory bead, gold glass druk cruciform beads, and vintage brass rondelle week beads. I have included some pictures of these prayer beads, designated simply PB14, for my own information and for when they are listed on Etsy.

Protestant - Anglican Prayer Beads

Cross, Invitatory Bead, and First Cruciform Bead

Three Cruciform beads and Week beads


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