Thursday, June 16, 2011

My First Etsy Treasury - Our Lady and the Rose

I did my first Etsy CEAG Treasury entitled Our Lady and the Rose. I hate that I couldn't include my resources and full description so here it is:

Our Lady and the Rose



During the Middle Ages, the rose, seen as the queen of flowers, the symbol of the Virgin Mary, represented romance, religion, and healing. The rose symbolizes the Virgin Mary (white roses in Paradise are said to have blushed red when she kissed them). The red rose became a symbol of martyrdom, due to its color. When St. Frances of Assisi received the stigmata, his blood was said to have become roses when it fell upon the ground. Roses are found in the unicorn tapestries, in which the unicorn symbolizes the bridegroom. The unicorn, tamed by a virgin, is no longer fierce. So too, God became gentle through the Virgin Mary. The thornless rose was also the symbol of the Virgin Mary. Our Lady is called the Mystical Rose. The golden rose stands for the glory of the Virgin Mary. The Order of the Golden Rose, founded by Pope Leo VIII, was originally founded as a means of honoring virtuous women later including men. The rosary is related to the rose (see the intricately carved German rosary bead at the Cloisters). The rosary chaplet presented to St. Dominic was scented with roses. Monks' rosaries may originally have been made with hardened rose petals.



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  1. Very interesting article, Anna. Beautiful presentation.